Whether you require a lab prototype or a high-density multiprocessor board going straight through to production, Xogenus has the expertise to make it happen.

We have proven experience with all major aspects of hardware, firmware, and software design using state-of-the-art technologies. We offer a complete, established hardware development team that can hit the ground running on your next project.

Xogenus can develop a complete turnkey solution based on your requirements, or offer specific design assistance to your engineering department at any point in the design flow:

Contact us to find out how we can help you with:

  • advanced PCB layout challenges
  • system architecture and specification development
  • high speed digital design
  • analog line interface and power supply design
  • FPGA & IP core development and implementation
  • custom driver development for Windows & Linux
  • custom board support packages for VxWorks and Linux
  • user application software
  • embedded firmware
  • custom mechanical test fixtures for prototype and manufacturing

Value-added layout services

Xogenus has been busy providing value-added layout services for a number of firms. We have done everything from extremely dense Multi-Chip Module (MCM) designs to backplanes, and are intimate with the important design considerations for both leading and trailing edge PCB fabrication technology.

We are never satisfied to simply execute a layout from your netlist. Our designers bring their experience to bear and are constantly examining schematics for potential problems and improvements. Our customers have benefited from this approach time after time.

Since we understand the nuance of your design, the layout comes back to you properly done, with no hand-holding.

Custom mechanical test fixtures

Prototypes and production boards have unique fixturing and test requirements. Xogenus has developed a number of test and production-level fixtures for our customers.

Mechanical designs are executed in-house, and in many cases, manufactured by us as well. This allows us strict control over the design, and cuts down on manufacturing lead times.

Xogenus also has established relationships with several mechanical shops and can help lead you through the process.

Design reviews

Contact Xogenus to find out how we can attend your design review and help identify costly errors before they occur. In most cases, our team has been able to identify show-stopper problems or make constructive suggestions for improvements related to performance, manufacturability, or test.

Having impartial designers attend your review can carve weeks and thousands off of your test cycle.

Firmware and driver development

Hardware does very little on its own. The development of low-level drivers is an essential component of any hardware bring-up, and is almost always on the critical path. Take advantage of our cross-disciplinary team by getting us involved early in the design cycle.

Unusual design problems

Customers know they can count on us to come up with innovative solutions to unusual design problems. From interposer boards to unique cabling systems and PCB shapes, don't assume it's impossible until you call us first. You may be surprised at what can be done.

We develop prototypes at our site using either our own design tools or the EDA toolset of your choice. We are experienced users of PCAD, OrCad, Allegro, PADS and others.

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